Children’s Workshop in Mitrovica

Within the framework of the fourth edition of Autostrada Biennale, a special workshop for children was held at the cultural center "7 Arte" in the city of Mitrovica, which focused on the topics of Cultural Heritage and Gender Equality. During this workshop, the children were introduced to the cultural heritage of the city of Mitrovica, with a special focus on the work "Moving Monument - Moving Back" a work initiated by the artist Alban Muja and produced by Autostrada Biennale.

This monument, that was titled "Equality, Work and Education," was an inspiration to address exactly these topics. The children together with the teacher of this workshop, Teuta Kelmendi, discussed the importance of gender equality, the role of work and the importance of education.

The workshop continued with the presentation and discussion of the works of artists Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremić, which also dealt with aspects of cultural heritage, equality and the importance of coexistence.

We thank all the children for their participation and curiosity shown during the activity.

The workshop was supported by UNDP.

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