Inland: Mountain to Mountain, 2009 – ongoing

Artist: Fernando García-Dory

Venue: Autostrada Biennale Production and Education Space

Initiated by Fernando García-Dory, INLAND is a Spain-based arts collective and collaborative agency dedicated to agricultural, social, and cultural production. It builds on the premise that the rural offers a physical and cultural space for the generation of diverse ways of life. INLAND formulates critical tools and applies them through experimental practice to confront various problems of a system that is collapsing at environmental, cultural, and financial levels—affecting both the planet and the individual. For its collaboration with Autostrada Biennale, INLAND presents its existing research on differing cultures around land use and begins new research on the Sharr mountains, which border Albania. INLAND has convened a local team of field researchers, lead by the Autostrada Biennale team, which is looking at previous research and archival materials, conducting interviews, and collecting data. The collective cartographical exercise proposes other ways to look at the territory, and the geopolitical implications of vernacular land use, food production, and identity in the region. The methodology suggests forms of solidarity between mountain cultures across continents and offers links between local pastoralists via the European Shepherds Network that INLAND facilitates.

Fernando García-Dory (1978) was born in Madrid and lives in Madrid and Mallorca.

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