Kosovo Electrification Map, 1978-79

Artist: -

Venue: Prizrenasja Hydro Power Plant

When Hidroelektrana Prizrenasja was transformed into the Museum of Electrical History of Kosovo, a permanent exhibition was conceptualized and designed to represent the development of the electrical economy in Kosovo. A unique and rare piece of this exhibition is the Kosovo Electrification Map. The map, prepared in geographical relief, was produced by the Military Geodetic Directorate in Belgrade between 1978 and 1979. The map, rectangular in shape, was made using stucco, with the points of electricity generation and transmission connected by threads. The Electrification Map is the second example of this type of map, the first being an archaeological map designed for the Archaeological Museum in Prizren.

The Museum of Electrical History of Kosovo opened in 1979 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the plant. The conceptualization of the museum, together with the building adaptation and the preparation of the permanent exhibition, was the vision and work of the late Muhamed Shukriu, the director of the Institute for Protection of Monuments and Natural Rarities in Prizren.

The building was restored in 2012, but the museum’s objects and permanent exhibition were not included in the preservation effort. The map has degraded due to age and lack of maintenance and is in need of conservation.

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