The Waters Of Prizren, 2021

Artist: Bora Baboçi

Venue: Prizrenasja Hydro Power Plant

In Prizren there is a saying: “When you lift a rock, water flows.” The local waters of the city are all drinking waters. Two main waterways feed the city, one of which is called Forty Sources. On a research trip to Prizren, artist and architect Bora Baboçi visited the locations of the water supply system and met their guardians. Some sources are situated in caves by the mountain slope, others in mountains surrounding the city, some others underwater. The resulting acoustic piece is a report from this trip. It is a tribute to water and the river that outlines and feeds the city, but it is also an insight into its complex, flowing infrastructure. The piece meanders between the meaning of water as a source of life, water as a commons, and its archaic as well as contemporary distribution channels. As you sit in the garden of the power plant you will hear sounds of the turbines, engines, overflows. And next to the current of the Lumbardhi you will also hear another river—a turbulent and unpredictable River Shannon in Limerick, Ireland, one of many in the planetary water circulation that maintains life wherever we are.

The texts of the choirs have been inspired by the book of poems dedicated to the waterfountains of Prizren from Altay Suroy Recepoğlu: Prizren Çesmeleri.

Bora Baboçi (1988) was born in Tirana and lives in Shkodra.

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