We are happy to host video artist Genny Petrotta, who came to Prizren for the Residency on the Road production part. Genny had a two week stay in Prizren after finishing the shooting in Italy for her video installation, she spent spent some quite time researching, shooting and editing.

The project involves collaboration with local craftsmen to recreate period-appropriate props, including Plis the traditional Albanian hat and  the title of the work in filigree. The process is documented through video and audio mediums, with a vision to enrich the upcoming video shoots scheduled in Piana degli Albanesi in early 2024. The project in Prizren serves as a prologue within the broader initiative, it incorporates a poetic dimension where documentation footage is complemented by the singing of a young girl. This symbolic exercise of her voice serves as a preparation for narrating the compelling story associated with “Mamma Perdonami.”

Special thanks to:

Singer: Fromba Krasniqi;

Plis production: Ergyle Gjurgjialo;

Filigree Masters: Faik Bamja;

Bashkim Tejeci;

Xhafer Lushaj;

Fatime Baruti;

and Elvis & Gjulian Bytyqi, Jeton Jagxhiu.

The Residency on the Road — Decolonizing Food: Water, Land, Heritage is a collaborative project between the first three members of the Allianz Foundation Hubs Network: Autostrada Biennale, Studio Rizoma, and Postane

Photo: Autostrada Biennale Media Team

Click here to see the video installation


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