Opening of 4. Autostrada Biennale in Mitrovica

We are very proud that Mitrovica is the city where we concrete our vision of new infrastructure through art thanks to Alban Muja’s "Moving Monument-Moving Back" (2021-23) that installed the strong image of 1970s disappeared ex-Yugoslav heritage back to its original location with an original size and look.

This is the first permanent artwork contribution of the Autostrada Biennale and the Autostrada Hangar to Kosovo. And we hope many more meaningful ones will follow. Muja’s solid gesture is generously accompanied by Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremić’s "The Pain of Symbols", a delicate and playful research on the visionary architect Bogdan Bogdanović’s almost lost heritage on the rooftop of 7Arte, a diligent art organization that proves the power and necessity of art on sites of conflict. The Miners Monument of Bogdanović peeks into the rooftop of 7Arte, demanding the attention, care and research it deserves in the current nationalistic environment of the region and the world.

We are thankful to the Mayor of Mitrovica Mr. Hamza and Director of. Culture Mrs. Idrizi for their support and commitment. We also thank our partner in Mitrovica, 7 Arte for the collaboration and great hospitality. 

Photo credits: Tuğhan Anıt

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