Art Has No Boundaries!

We are pleased to welcome our retired art-loving visitors as part of the guided tours we organize to the Autostrada Biennale, who are part of the rich collective memory of the city of Prizren, with the aim of discovering the contemporary works of art, to visit the exhibition spaces and to engage with the art.

A large number of elders have joined our tours, from lecturers to writers, from artists to various professional groups, where our art-loving elders visited the exhibition spaces, where they shared with us their stories and experiences. As the exhibition spaces and the artworks displayed in these spaces were visited, memories emerged as well.

The transformation of a part of the ITP area, which was used as a military base before the 2000s, into an exhibition area aroused great interest among our elder visitors. It was inspiring to see and talk about the paintings of Kosovar artist Xhevdet Xhafa that were made in the 60s-70s, exhibited in Hangar 3, by the elders of his generation after more than 50 years. We would like to thank our art-loving elders for their visit. Autostrada Biennale is happy to encourage the local community to meet with art and to exchange ideas with our art-loving friends from different generations.

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