We are very happy that we have successfully completed the workshop with our dearest children.

The workshop in Prishtina was focused on the topic of environmental protection and was held in the former Brick Factory where we already have the exhibition of the works of “Sunflower Field” by Agnes Denes and Hera Büyüktaşcıyan’s “Who speaks from the dust, who looks from the clay, 2023”.

By discussing the work of Agnes Denes, the children were informed by the teacher of this workshop, Teuta Kelmendi, about the protection of the environment, the ways we take care of the environment and the importance of the sunflower in the environment. And through the work of Hera Büyüktaşcıyan, the children learned more about the rivers of Kosovo, the importance they have, how to take care and protect the rivers and about the lost waters of Kosovo.

Agnes Denes’s Sunflower Field symbolically grows and fertilizes the petrified grounds of the abandoned factory as a gesture against aggressive urbanization and contested grounds, Hera Büyüktaşcıyan’s aquatic flow refills the brick tanks by resurfacing traces of growth, loss, and destruction embedded in the bricks. The work uncovers the underlying tensions brought by the erasure of the rivers that were once a significant water source for the factory, but also for cultivation, production, and building a common ground for a fluid society.

We thank all the children for their participation and curiosity shown during the activity.

We also thank the association “Autizimi Flet” who joined our activity in Prishtina.

The workshop was supported by UNDP.

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