The Autostrada Biennale Education, Production and Exhibition Space—the Autostrada Hangar, is located in the the Innovation and Training Park in Prizren. Through education, onsite training, and an open exhibition-making production space, Autostrada Hangar aims to develop new models of cultural creation that encourage young people to become part of the art-making process by producing and thinking critically through art. Autostrada Hangar seeks to generate coexistence among communities through collaboration, and seeks to fill the urgent need of a non-formal education and skills-building programs in order to empower youth in Kosovo and the region. Autostrada Hangar is equipped with different tools and machines, a technology lab, an exhibition space, a green pavilion, a library, a bar and kitchen, a co-working space, and other facilities. An archival exhibition that is permanently on view inside the hangar presents an overview of the bienniale’s journey since its founding. As the sole contemporary art institution in Prizren, Autostrada strives to meet the needs of different communities and partners through inclusivity and ecological sustainability.


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