Filigree Workshop

Filigree Workshop

Street Remzi Ademaj 27

Filigree Workshop is a workshop and store where the traditional craft of intricate jewelry making is practiced. Prizren has been a craft center for centuries, as it was situated at the junction of Ottoman trade routes spanning east-west and north-south.

Filigree, the art of bending and twisting threads of silver or gold into ornamental designs, is one of Prizren’s most time-honored traditions. The workshop is a quiet retreat from the busy street. Here, masters produce handmade artwork and jewelry. The craftspeople were formerly employed at the Yugoslav filigree factory, which was privatized in 2000. Their main goal is to ensure the continuation of this unique craft in Prizren.

Visitors can observe the production of the jewelry and take part in the everyday conversations between the craftspeople and their community.


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