Founded in 2021, Pykë-Presje is a collective that works mainly with printed matter and runs an independent cultural space and bookshop in Prizren. The platform produces experimental publications and organizes exhibitions, discursive programs, and workshops. It focuses on internationalist and revolutionary documents and archives, emphasizing local histories of people’s movements, gender emancipation, and class consciousness, defying nation-state narratives. Some of their publications include From Scratch: Albanian Summer Picaresque (2022), Yerin Dibi! A Collection of Punk and Underground Fanzines and Posters from Turkey (2022), and Haxhi Ymer Lutfi Paçarizi: Revolutionary Poems (2023). The Pykë-Presje gallery space opened in 2022 with an exhibition on punk ephemera curated by Tolga Güldalli. Just down the street is Pykë, its bookshop.


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