Democracy, 2021

Artist: Agron Blakçori

Venue: Albanian League Of Prizren

Agron_Blakçori _001

Agron Blakçori has parallel sculptural lives. He makes major public commissions about political and cultural figures of Kosovo, such as the monument at the Albanian League of Prizren; but he also makes subversive sculptural installations from everyday materials that he picks up and recycles to create footnotes about current ways of survival. One side complements the other. His gestures are simple, sharp, and to the point. For Autostrada Biennale, Blakçori has realized a project that has been on his mind for a long time: Democracy, which is made of three circles of wooden school chairs turned upside down in the circular garden of the Albanian League. The work proposes a down-to-earth critique of the dysfunctional local and international decision-making mechanisms that are meant to create a common ground for the public good. The piece is a refusal; it rejects normalizing the rollercoaster life of democracy in Kosovo, the constant changes in parliament and government representatives, the lack of stability, and corruption. The material of the work addresses the root of the problem—education—and gives agency to the citizens to resolve it. Democracy is imbued with dark humor, but it is not pessimistic. To turn the chairs upside down, to sit on them and take responsibility for another future, is possible.

Agron Blakçori (1981) was born in Podujeva and lives in Prishtina.

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