Autostrada Biennale was established by two artists and a pedagogue in 2014. As the only contemporary art institution in Prizren, Kosovo, it functions on two speeds: one is a physical exhibition taking place in public space every two years, the second is a long-term educational center in the former KFOR camp, where the exhibition preparation process is open to the public, making creation of the artworks a form of learning and critical thinking.

Autostrada Biennale is made possible with the generous support and partnership of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo, Prishtina Municipality, European Cultural Foundation, Foundation of Art Initiatives, Prizren Municipality, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in Kosovo, Manifesta 14 Prishtina, United Nations Kosovo Team, UNDP, KFOS, Raiffeisen Bank, Goethe Zentrum Prishtina, SAHA Foundation, Italian Institute for Culture in Tirana, Regional Center for Culture Heritage in Prizren, National Library of Kosovo, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Institut Ramon Llull, Prizren Bus Station, Archeological Institute of Kosova, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, JYSK, ITP Prizren, DokuFest, Lumbardhi Foundation, Anibar, The 5th Annual Kosovo Pride Week, MAM Foundation and Kultplus alongside ADN Galeria, Mor Charpentier, Galerist, Wilfried Lentz, ChertLüdde.

Autostrada Biennale Education and Production Space is supported by the US Embassy in Prishtina, Prizren Municipality, Gjirafa50, and Kreativ Qeramika.

Autostrada Biennale is grateful for the generous support of numerous individual work and conversation partners in Prishtina, Prizren and Peja who made this edition possible.

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Leutrim Fishekqiu is a visual artist and industrial designer. His education started in Sweden, and continued in Kosovo and Turkey. During his work, he has organized various cultural events, and is the author of several artworks (installations), mainly in public spaces. His work is focused on conceptual designs, industrial design and interior design, including sculpture, art installation, and painting. In his work he deals with social and cultural topics mainly focused on environmental issues. He is also artistic director of Alarm Design Studio, a company which operates in the field of art production, interior and industrial design. He has recently become a board member of the Prizren network of cultural organizations.

Leutrim Fishekqiu / Co-Founder / Team Leader

Vatra Abrashi is a pedagogue. She graduated from the University of Prishtina’s Faculty of Philosophy with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in pedagogy. She is almost in the end of her studies on bachelor degree in Speech and Language Therapy at Heimerer College in Prishtina. She worked for 4 years in the Council for Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms as a leader of various projects working toward the protection of minority rights, gender equality and children’s rights. During that period she completed the School for European Integration (KCSF) and School of Politics (PIPS). She has organized various educational programs and has recently been licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in the provision of social and family services in Kosovo. Since 2013 she works as a pedagogue in the Counseling Center at SOS Children’s Villages Kosovo and from this year at her new company in Prishtina, “Kolibri”.

Vatra Abrashi / Co-Founder / Education Program Leader

Barış Karamuço graduated with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in photography and cinema from the Istanbul Mimar Sinan University, where he is currently doing a PhD in Sociology and Philosophy. He also works as a documentary photographer. In his artistic works, he deals with various topics, mainly on Kosovo’s past, and continues to work to protect local values and cultural elements, which have unfortunately been forgotten. His works are focused on the theory of cinema, stories and video documentaries. Currently he teaches photography and cinema at the University for Business and Technology (UBT) in Prishtina.

Barış Karamuço / Co-Founder / Production Leader