Follow the exhibition along the Lumbardhi River through the city of Prizren. It spreads along that murmuring line, embedded in traditional and new houses, rooftops, river banks, alleyways, workshops, and removed monuments. Half-built buildings, invisible holes and everyday traps reveal themselves—rather than being signs of failure, they are an invitation for a necessary reciprocity, a critical search for incompleteness, dense moments where intimacy and infrastructure meet. Because what can continue to grow is what’s organically unfinished. And what is finished in the course of progress is generally exhausted. 

In our first research trip to Prizren in the fall of 2020, we listened to stories in need of being heard: from artists, organizers, food ethnologists, a Romani activist, a heritage conservator, an urban sociologist, and a philosopher, among many others. The exhibition is our response to those stories, a proposal for a conversation between a host and a guest, where two ends of a road meet, connecting the local and the diasporic.

As you walk further down the river you will come across artworks about ruptures, unfinished plans, erased histories, sudden arrivals, and delayed departures; you will interact with pipes and tracks, fragments of desires and ways of maintaining life, with the way we build infrastructure and infrastructure builds us.

Venues on Prizren:

Hydroelektrana (HP) , a 2.5-km walk from the city center, taxi 10min, no public transport, 12.00-18.00

Under Castle Cliffs (UC), 24h

Lumbardhi Water Channels (LWC), 24h

Pintoli Mill (PM), 12.00-18.00

Albanian League Of Prizren (AL), 12.00-18.00

River Bank (RB), 24h

League Square (LS), 24h

Autostrada Biennale Production and Education Space (AB), former KFOR Hangar, 20min walk from the city center, taxi 5 min., no public transport,  12.00-18.00

Blue House (BH), 12.00-18.00

Castle of Prizren (CP) museum, 12.00-18.00

Gazi Mahmed Pasha Hammam (H), 12.00-18.00

Lumbardhi Cinema (LC), 12.00-18.00

Shani Efendi House(SE), 12.00-18.00

Filigree Workshop (FW), 12.00-18.00 (closed on Sunday)

Blue Bridge (BB), 24h

Gas Station (GS), 24h

House At The River (HR), 24h

Tabakhane Mill (TM), 12.00-18.00

Bus Station (BS), 12.00-18.00

All of the Prizren locations can be seen here.